About TDF

1.  TDF-UK EUROPE is a not-for-profit organization created to provide a platform for People of Telangana Origin (POTOs) to come together to discuss various problems faced by Telangana people. Telangana is a region in south-central India, forming the northern part of the present-day state of Andhra Pradesh. The region has a rich tradition of culture and language with powerful expressions and sophisticated narratives. History, language, and dialect have molded Telangana sensibilities and identity. In spite of the abundant natural resources such as great rivers, fertile land, rich forest and mineral resources, Telangana today presents a desolate picture of poverty, endemic political violence and environmental devastation. The people of Telangana have been left behind in many areas of socio-economic development for various reasons. Betrayal of Telangana region and its people by successive governments, over many decades, aided and abetted by Telangana leaders, has contributed to this misery.

2.  Who are we? We area people of Telangana origin working towards the development of Telangana. We help any individual or group, political, non-political working for the development of Telangana.

3.  What we do? TDF-UK EUROPE organizes seminars and community events to bring people together and educate ourselves about problems faced by Telangana people. TDF is also involved in voter education campaign during elections in Telangana. TDF-UK EUROPE is also involved in organizing cultural and family events to help strengthen community bonds among Telangana people in UK EUROPE. TDF will assist individuals and organizations that may want to take up charitable developmental activities in Telangana. TDF will take up organization development activities by building local chapters in major cities across UK EUROPE and may assist with development of international community’s similar to that of TDF USA.

4.  TDF Objectives: Telangana Development Forum (TDF) works towards achieving the following goals:

o  Providing a platform primarily for Non Resident Telangana people people of Telangana Origin and their children and other people and organizations interested in the causes supported by TDF-UK EUROPE to come together for broader discussion of various problems facing Telangana.

o  Help eliminate blocks that are preventing Telangana being developed. TDF believes that having a separate Telangana state will put more control of its resources in the hands of Telangana people and help preserve its unique cultural identity.

o  To strengthen cultural identity of Telangana among Telangana people living in North America.

o  To develop and maintain an active web site that serves as a depository of information resources and links about Telangana along with a cyber space meeting place for the members to exchange and discuss views about Telangana issues.

o  Assist the sponsors of developmental projects in Telangana through their funds channelization and bringing needy people, places, projects and implementation resources together through its foundation activities.

    If you are interested to join TDF, please complete this application form and send it to the address listed on the form.

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